Kayaking down this river was by far the most beautiful experience of my life. Me and two others did the 6 hour/6 mile kayak and it was truly the most breath taking experience. The view of the endless canyons on the river bank, along with the clear blue-green water, was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. It’s so quiet and peaceful out there you can only hear the quiet sound of the water rushing and your paddle paddling. We even saw wild horses, a mother and a baby. The man that drove the ferry down to the end of the river, George, was extremely helpful and very welcoming. He explained a lot about where you would be during your ride, and what to do if you needed help. It was overall an amazing experience, and even after being out there for 6 hours, I didn’t want it to end. Bring sunscreen and lunch if your doing the long ride!

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