February 21, 2022

Trout fishing can be spectacular the entire 15 miles between Glen Canyon Dam, through Horseshoe Bend, and down river to the Lees Ferry boat ramp.  Rainbow and brown trout are your targets.

Fly Fishing at Lees Ferry

For fly-fishers, the 15 mile stretch of water from the dam face to the Lees Ferry boat ramp attracts anglers from across the United States and around the world.  Cast and drift a small barbless zebra midge, San Juan worm or other pattern.  Or, if you prefer, use a de-barbed bead-headed olive wooly bugger on a sink-tip, #5 weight-forward fly line.  Strip and pause, jiggle the fly, stop and start.  The strike of a 14- to 18-inch trout will definitely get your attention and only add to your Kayak Horseshoe Bend vacation adventure.

Spin Fishing at Lees Ferry

If you are a spin fisher, pack a lightweight spinning rod and reel loaded with 4-pound test line.  Flip a Mepps, Panther Martin, Kastmaster, Rapala or similar lure into deeper waters and swing it across the current.  Your kayak will need to be stopped as you cast and retrieve so that you are not casting at the same rate that the kayak is drifting.

An Arizona fishing license is required.  Also, be aware of area closures or other restrictions.  The river is regularly patrolled by Arizona Game & Fish Department wardens.  Fishing regulations require barbless hooks, so be sure to completely crimp the barbs on all your lures and flies.  Just bending the barb a little is not enough.  Crimp it flat!

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