Kayak Horseshoe Bend


What time does the backhaul boat depart the Lees Ferry Boat Ramp?
Throughout the day between early morning and 4 pm
Are reservations necessary?
How do we make reservations?
You may either use the booking button below or give us a call at (928) 355-2261.

Which credit cards are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
What does Kayak Horseshoe Bend provide in terms of gear and equipment?
Rental kayaks come with paddles and Personal Floatation Devices or PFDs
How many hours is the total excursion?
It depends on how far up-river you go, but generally 5-8 hours.
Can I camp out overnight?
Do we go through any Colorado River whitewater rapids in route?
No. It is all flat water.
How close are we to the entrance of Grand Canyon?
Lees Ferry is the defined start of the Grand Canyon.
Can I take my kayak or canoe below Lees Ferry Boat Ramp into Grand Canyon?
Absolutely not!
Can I beach my kayak and get out for a walk?
Yes, anywhere.
Are there restrooms along the route?
Where is the backhaul boat during my kayak trip?
This is a drop-off service only. The backhaul boat does not stay with you. This is NOT a guided trip.

In the case of an emergency, there is a shepherd boat that can pick you up.