Places of Interest

Whatever your interests, there are plenty of things-to-do within an hour’s drive from Lees Ferry Anglers and Cliff Dwellers Lodge:

Lake Powell

Lake Powell contains more shoreline than America’s West Coast. The water fluctuates from deep blue to a sea green depending on the time of day and weather.

There are rentals for boats and personal watercraft as well as boat tours that will take you to Rainbow Bridge, Antelope Point or, in the summer, dinner cruises. You can swim, fish, scuba dive or walk along the beach. There is a fee to enter Lake Powell, which you can pay at the gate or you may use a National Parks Pass.

Lake Powell is located approximately an hour away.

Honeymoon Trail

The Honeymoon Trail ran right through the Cliff Dwellers Lodge property. It was the historic wagon road linking St. George, Utah with Lees Ferry on the Colorado River; and from there, to numerous settlements throughout northeastern Arizona. The route was used for several years by young married couples from Arizona seeking Temple marriage in what was then the only Mormon Temple west of the Mississippi River.

Much of the Honeymoon Trail is still visible. In some places it can be negotiated by car, although most of it is passable only by foot, horse or 4-wheel drive vehicle. Some sections are located on private or Native American lands. The trail is sporadically marked on public lands from the Lees Ferry area to just east of St. George, Utah.

Glen Canyon Dam

The Glen Canyon Dam can be viewed from top and bottom. The Dam can be seen from Page, Arizona, and also while on the river from below.

There are nearly continuous free tours of the dam throughout the day. The Visitors Center is located just off of US 89 near Page on the north side of the bridge. There, you can watch short films on the construction of the dam, view photos from the early years of the dam or take one of the free tours down into the dam itself. Outside, enjoy a perfect view of Lake Powell and the Colorado River from the bridge.

Dinosaur Tracks at Tuba City

Traveling to Lees Ferry or Cliff Dwellers Lodge from the south, you will pass a dinosaur track-way that deserves a visit. Or, this can be an easy side trip from Cliff Dwellers Lodge. It’s about an hour drive.

The area that the tracks lie in is the 160 to 200 million years old Moenkopi formation. When the dinosaurs were roaming this landscape, it was a swamp and low area. There are many visible three toed tracks mostly belonging to the dilophosaurus, a large herbivore. Three skeletons were discovered in northern Arizona in 1940.
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